Sophistication electric skateboard

electric skateboard

Some of you are definitely fans of the sport Xtreme? Or want to try these kinds of sports, especially on a skateboard? Now there is a best solution for you.

In general, surfboard or skateboard has four wheels, it is distinct from all with this technology. Quoted from autoevolution, electric skateboard can be used for transportation that allows users to perform activities.

The wheels also have a diameter of about 10 inches or 24.5 cm. Uniquely skatebord has two separate parts, and very different from skateboarding in general. Hammacher Schlemmer company called who created this advanced technology, it has been known as a technology company with unique innovations.

To use it was the same as using a regular skateboard, ie putting feet on it. Then, the tool will run as motion and leg strength. However, if you are not confident with the ability to balance, you can combine the two separate wheels by using a rod.

Remarkably, this electric skateboard can be connected by Android devices contained therein digital maps and can detect your friends to meet each other and play together. Not only that, you can make the smartphone sebagairemote control that can move the tool without having to be climbed. For the price priced at 100 dollars. interested?
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